Swedish singer-songwriter Carl Jonas’ music invites the listener into a vibrational resonance with our timeless essence. With beautifully crafted lyrics, captivating melodies and a warm and earthy voice he embodies a unique and contagious expression filled with joy, open hearted-ness and celebration of the aliveness here and now. As his songwriting journey started within hours of an inquiry into the notion of I AM he is, in addition to his musical offering, also very passionate about facilitating meetings and retreats where everything is centered around the realisation of that which is always and already here.


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Live performance at Ängsbacka.


“Being in Carl Jonas‘ energy field during his satsangs, concerts and workshops is enchanting, moving and soothing. I can let myself fall… back into a childlike state of joy where everything becomes soft, easy and crystal clear. Playfulness arises and creativity starts to flow. It’s like becoming a teenager again… excitedly flirting with the moment, with a positive expectation and big embrace of the unknown.  

Yet also in dark moments Carl Jonas provides humble, practical guidance reminding me that even the heaviest feelings will pass if we drop the resistance, feel them and stay with them. Satsang with Carl Jonas is meeting in the heart, in trust as well as in sharply expressed truth.” 

/ Amrita

“When the truth is spoken or sung, and there is true listening, there is an opening that words can’t explain. That’s what l experience when I listen to Carl Jonas singing.”

/ Susanne

“Filled to the brim with joy, Carl Jonas’ music is welcoming us back to our true home. It’s overflowing with the message of love and points to the truth of all things, a truth that is always right in front of us.”

/ Adam